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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Phantom Scooter updates

All is well with the Phantom. I have been working pretty diligently on my modified motor mount that ill provide increased clearance for the carburetor and relieve the space needed for the cold start solonoid. The mount is done, I've even had it fitted into the scoot. But I had to do a little grinding for clearance- after I had painted it. And I had painted it a couple times, unsatisfactorally, so now it needs sandblasted clean before I paint it and install it.

That should be later today. I have to go to the base Hobby Shop to use their sandblaster and before I can use it, I have to fix it, which is typical. I tried to use it last week but there wasn't enough grit to cover the pickup, no lights and no exhaust fan. So, I'll hack their equipment into shape well enough to do my mount, bringit home for a shot of Krylon and stick it into the scooter this afternoon.

I've received a couple nice emails from folks asking about my continued results with my scoot and advice about buying their own. Its been pleasant trying to offer advice or suggestions and its nice that this humble blog is serving a purpose to a few folks. So, I guess I'll keep it up!

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